Before You Criticize/Impugn


All content on this blog obeys the following premises. If you find any of the content to be equivocal, it is believed to be sufficiently rooted in these premises and subsequently obeys them. If you believe anything in this blog violates these premises, please let me know, I will happily retract/amend and issue apology. Furthermore, I will be more than happy to accept suggestions on the rubric itself.

No Ad hominem 

The arguments/opinions are not, in any manner whatsoever, an attack on the person arguing/presenting opinion. It is to contend the opinion/argument itself. Similarly, a verbal bout against Islam or Christianity is not necessarily against the person practising it, but contention on Islam or Christianity as ideologies.

No sexism, homophobia, discrimination 

Self explanatory. Opinions can be expressed, but will draw from statistical inference, epistemological discourse and personal experience.

No generalizations 

Just because a particular premise/practice exists/is prevalent , it does not stigmatize everyone else associated with it.

No exaggeration or sympathy gaining 

Due to the nature of the content of this blog, it may be susceptible to exaggeration and a prospect for sympathy gaining. All content is written by being as even minded as one can be. Most incidents mentioned/alluded to, are actual or very similar events.

Absolute Freedom of Opinion

There is no restriction on the expression of opinion. Every opinion can and will be stated explicitly. This must NOT be equated with actually stopping someone doing what one wants. For example, you believe in God and that gives you great solace. As a rational yet empathetic person, I am very happy for you that you find solace by dint of such a belief. But, that can not and will not stop me from expressing my opinion on the subject. Nothing is sacrosanct to the scrutiny of science and reason.


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